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Message From the Provost

It is with great delight and utmost sense of satisfaction that I welcome you on board the LAPO Institute Of Micro Finance and Management Study Distance Learning Programme.  I am particularly elated that you have taken advantage of the opportunity offered by our ’s seamless platform and technology to have a taste of our quality higher education.

It is a whole new world of limitless opportunity to open access to higher education.  The Centre boasts of a high calibre of teaching and non-teaching staff alongside experts in ICT needed to provide unparalleled distance education in Nigeria.  The LAPO Institute Of Micro Finance and Management Study Distance Learning Centre currently offers a Certificate in National Diploma programme  – ND in Micro Finance and Management Study, Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Business Administration.  For more information about this programme and other courses soon to be introduced, please visit the specific section of the Centre’s website.

The Centre for Distance Learning of LAPO Institute Of Micro Finance and Management Study was created to extend access to deserving prospective students who for one reason or the other are unable to access tertiary education through the normal traditional polytechnic education system.

We admonish you all to make the best use of the various facilities and resources made available on the platform to achieve your aims.


Be rest assured that we are committed in our avowed determination to give you the best on this platform.  We are equally steadfast to our mission of providing limitless access to quality higher education through this platform in developing the human minds to become creative, innovative, research-oriented and competent in any chosen area of interest.

Once again, you are welcome and I wish you a smooth and fruitful learning experience.

Dr. (Mrs.) Gladys Nwokoye
Member, Nigeria Computer Society (MNCS)
Member, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (HCIBN)
Member, The Academy of Management (MTAMN)
Fellow, Institute of Data Processing Management (FIDPM), London
Member, South-East and South-South Research Group